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Benefits of DHEA Cream vs. Pills

Benefits of using DHEA cream

DHEA cream is applied to and absorbed by the skin. This cream is commonly used by men and women for bioidentical hormone replacement. DHEA is also known called as Dehydroepiandrosterone, a natural steroid prohormone found in the body. It is a naturally occurring compound that is created by cholesterols in adipose tissue, brain, skin, gonads and adrenal glands. 


Why DHEA creams are effective?

DHEA cream is mainly used by women and men of all ages with symptoms such as low DHEA, Low adrenal, thyroid, progesterone, testosterone and estrogen hormonal imbalance. It is easy to apply and allows to be absorbed by the skin. Let us see some of the main benefits of using DHEA cream.

Benefits of using DHEA cream:

  • It boosts sexual desire, performance, and satisfaction
  • Healing of wounds
  • Regeneration of bones and skin
  • Increases the formation of collagen
  • Fights aging and reclaim your youthfulness
  • Quality sleep
  • It helps in overcoming breast cancer,
  • Weight loss
  • It also helps to build muscle

How to apply DHEA cream?

For best results, you must use DHEA cream at least once daily. Before applying the cream you must wash the area you're going to apply the cream first. Since this will allow the cream to enter the skin more effectively. Massage the area where you applied the cream until the cream is gone. It provides great results within a short time while it's very safe and effective. It’s also highly recommended not to overuse the cream than recommended.

Why many people use DHEA cream over Pills?

The main reason why many people turn to DHEA cream over conventional DHEA supplement is that it’s easier to regulate the actual amount your body will absorb.  Moreover, it's absorbed directly into the bloodstream for the best results. 


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